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Aquafog® Fine-mist fogging units

There’s no mistery..
about Aquafog®

Aquafog® may mystify the competition; but don’t let the low prices fool you, these units are top quality and built to last. The fine-mist fogging fans handles a broad range of application uses. Our advanced, innovative technology gives Aquafog it’s decisive edge.

Aquafog atomizer humidifier systems produce a very fine cool mist fog used for spot & indoor outdoor area cooling cooler. Powerful humidifiers Turbo XE fans, HRSM for adding moisture up to 100% RH for greenhouses, greenhouse cooling and propagation, concrete curing, mushrooms growing, wine and industrial warehouse storage system. Pest control chemical fumigation pesticide ULV fogging for may commercial and industrial applications. Aquafog 400 misting for outdoors events, zoos, patio, orchids, livestock and horses.

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Aquafog® 400™
brings advanced fine-mist fogging to the small/mid size applications.
Perfectly suited in a wide range of uses from growing orchids to spot cooling horses, from cooling patios to growing speciality mushrooms. If you need an abundance of misty-fog combined with mild air propulsion Aquafog 400 is the ticket. Compact, lightweight and easy to install these stand-alone units connect right to ordinary utilities and do not require a high pressure pump or air supply line. Units fill automatically and have continuous duty capability.

Aquafog® TurboXE 1500 Fan™-
Agriculture & Industrial hanging fine-mist humidifier / cooler / fogger
Hanging Fine-mist Fogging Fan - Aquafog's atomizing fan units can handle a variety of indoor and outdoor humidification or evaporative cooling applications. The nozzle-free fans can atomize ordinary water supplies into a very fine mist-like fog. Utilizing high-speed centrifugal force and powerful air flow, these units can propel a misty-fog stream up to 12 metres away. Units can be gravity-feed and are very resistant to acidic chemicals when used in fumigation applications.
Each units comes with 4m power line, 7m water line, and a visual
flowmeter control panel.
Aquafog® ™
- Mobile Fine-mist Humidifier is compact, sturdy and enormously powerful.
Uses include; large-scale humidification, outdoor evaporative cooling, fumigation and industrial spot cooling to name a few. The pivoting fogging head allows you to direct the fine-mist fogging output right where you need it. Mobile units combine the TurboXE Fan with a portable condensation recirculation tank for high mobility and ease of use. Suitable for indoor/outdoor, units are fully adjustable with fogging capabilities up to 90 litres per hour. ORSM's propel a powerful jet stream of misty-fog mixed air-flow up to 12 metres in distance. The 68 litre reservoir tank with large mouth opening is ideal for adding liquid
chemicals for fumigation and sterilization applications. An internal
float valve assembly with garden hose connection allows for continuous
duty applications. Made in U.S.A. ? Units ship completely assembled, ready for operation and are delivered by common carrier.

When applications exceed a 8m wide coverage area, the TurboXE Oscillator provides a consistent (dwell-free) movement, allowing the operator to fog at higher outputs while maintaining dryness underneath. Sweeping the fog back and forth not only alleviates droplet collisions and fallout, but also enhances circulatory movement for more uniform fog coverage. TurboXE’s rotating movement is essential for hard-to-root greenhouse propagation and many odour control situations, but can also be highly beneficial in other applications that can benefit from the sweeping motion of fog and air. Combine the powerful propulsion of the TurboXE Fan with the Oscillator’s rotation to obtain a large, forced circulation coverage area up to 20 metres in diameter.

Aquafog Applications:

Agriculture Storage Horticulture Storage Pools/Spas
Amusement/Theme Parks Hotels/Resorts Recycling Industries
Aviaries Hydroponics Restaurants/Cafes
Botanical Gardens Kennels Rotomolding
Cardboard Manufacturing Livestock Sporting Venues
Dairy Cattle Mining Sporting Venues
Equestrian Centres Movie Production Steel Mills
Factories Oil Drilling Rigs Storage Warehouses
Fertilizer Manufacturing Outdoor Areas Tile Manufacturing
Flowers Paper Manufacturing Transfer Stations
Foundries Paper Mills Viticulture/Vineyards
Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Patios Wine Barrel Rooms
Greenhouses Piggeries Workshops
Horse Stables Plants Zoos